Metal Belting

Metal Belt - Versatile Product

Metal belts are made by joining a number of spiral wires with or without cross wires. It is flexible along its length, semi-rigid across its width and rigid in thickness.

Each Continental Profiles belt is individually engineered to give outstanding performance and extra long life. The requirements of application, service, design of conveyor, are ideally synthesized with constructional details of belts and materials of constructions.

It is a versatile product used in a wide spectrum of industries ranging from food processing to aero-space.


High Temperature Belts

End pressed and rod reinforced belts are ideal for sintering, copper brazing, silver soldering, bright annealing and other heat treatment operations. The special design of ends ensures trouble free performance during long-term round-the-clock operations at high temperatures.


Food Products

Food processing industry uses Continental Profiles belts on an extensive scale. Stainless steel balanced belts in ovens and multigrill belts for bread cooling have proved to be and ideal choice. Belts are used for slicing, washing, dewatering, cooling and wrapping for sort of food articles



In plywood industry Continental Profiles bands can be seen on band dryers of Schilde, Tromag, Hildebrand and other reputed manufacturers of plywood equipment.

These bands are made from specially drawn wires having flat-oval profile. The quality of wires ensures impressions-free thin veneer at the highest operating speeds.


Glass and Ceramics

Continental Profiles balanced belts are being used in numerous glass and decorating ware factories in all phases of production e.g. I. S. machine conveyor, transfer conveyor, annealing and decorating lehrs, transportations of semi-finished and finished products packing etc. Electric lamp shells are annealed on Continental Profiles balanced belts with minimum breakage. Sprocket driven balanced belting is ideal for curing fibre glass. Continental Profiles belts are engineered to provide high tensile strength, straight travel and smooth surface for any conveying operation.

Sterilizing and drying of bottles in pharmaceutical industry is ideally done on balanced belting. The belt design provides for efficient heat circulation.